Exposing: The Guest Rules, Favorite Goods, Los Angeles  














































In order of appearance:

-Pasta Hostis
dried pastas, oven racks, lighting system
dimensions variable

transfer printed excerpts from Unica Zürn's Man of Jasmin (Atlas Press, 1994) inserted into the gallery guest book

-Bedroom Posters (The Departure, To Leave, Gone)
88 cm x 155 cm each
inkjet prints on spring roll rice paper sheets, bedsheet fabric





press release:

Being a stranger (to a land, a house, or oneself) is a classic trope of horror genre scenarios. The anxieties related to this position range from the simple matter of feeling welcome, to the fear of being held hostage.

Exposing: The Guest Rules follows the narrative of a psychological thriller that is based on a conflictual situation between a guest and his or her host. In the current works, images of the bodies of anonymous fashion models found online have been combined with bedsheets to create posters for possible teenage psycho movies. These ghostly figures tell us about behaviors to be adopted while being hosted.

Exhibitions at Favorite Goods usually co-exist with the regular apartment life of gallerist Audrey Moyer. In this exhibition, the gallery room will be left empty while the artworks will be disseminated into the living areas of the apartment. Alongside the poster works, excerpts of text taken from Unica Zürn's Man of Jasmin book will be displayed as insertions to the gallery guest book.

This exhibition has been supported by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and part of the program of Ceci n'est pas, Art between France and Los Angeles.