Crawler, Ginerva Gambino, Cologne.  












  Bedroom Poster (IN)
bedframe, inkjet one edible rice paper, spray paint, grommets, foam rubber cord.




  Peapod Rubbish Bassinet
baby tub, water, pvc, mosquito net, colender, scissors, studio trash, rope and various fishing gears.
















  From left to right:
Hungry Bin (Picnic)
picnic wicker basket, soil, dendrobaena worms, wheels.
Hungry Bin (Paper Safe)
darkroom paper safe, pine wood, soil, dendrobaena worms, laserprint transfer, spray paint.












  All documentation images and cell phone video courtesy of Ginerva Gambino.  




Exhibition poster published by Verlag für zeitgenössische Beobachtung, Cologne; 83,6 x 29,5 cm. (ISBN 978-3-944877-10-5).